Tartan House (2015)

Raine’s life is far from ordinary—he’s a gargoyle living in a Brooklyn church. Peering down from the church’s balcony, Raine develops a crush on Sophie, a new girl in the neighborhood. But he has bigger problems. Raine’s church is about to be demolished, and he has to do something before he is destroyed too.


The 13th Floor

Tartan House (2015)

Sam Wentworth is not sure about his new friends. On his first day at a new school, Sam is surprised to fall in with the popular crowd—it’s all because he plays the same online video game as some of the football players. Still, he’s bothered by the way they bully other gamers. When they get their hands on a pirated copy of The 13th Floor, a game banned for violence and gore, Sam and his new friends find the game so hypnotic that they can’t stop playing, even after bad things start happening to them.


The Alabaster Ring

Tartan House (2015)

Ethan Alan Poe just needs to know the answers to things. When Ethan receives a box of his dad’s old belongings, he needs to find out if they hold any clues to his long-gone father’s whereabouts. But the trail of clues puts him at odds with a killer from an international crime organization. Will Ethan and his new friend Peggy find what they are looking for before they come face to face with a criminal mastermind?



Striker Assist

Capstone Press (2012)

Jax, a striker, is the star of his soccer team. But when he moves up a level and joins a new team, he has a hard time following directions and trusting his team. For someone who’s been playing for years, Jax has a lot to learn about teamwork.



Cowboy Up

Capstone Press (2011)

Jake is the best bull rider in his division. He’s never been thrown from a bull and doesn’t see that changing anytime soon. But when he takes a bad spill during competition, he hurts more than just his arm. His confidence takes a hit, as well. Jake has to learn to cowboy up and overcome his fear before he can ride again.




Skywater Publishing (2010)

A poetic mix of Rent and Romeo and Juliet, Welvaert’s Pacific tells the story of star-crossed lovers who set out to fulfill their dying wish: see the Pacific Ocean. They begin in Minnesota, where they meet at an AIDS clinic, journey through the Black Hills, past Devil’s Tower, and to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Before reaching their destination, they must first accept their fates and the mistakes of past choices.


The Mosquito King

Stone Arch Books (2007)

Only young Agate and Buck McGregor, two orphans with surprising powers, can defeat the Mosquito King’s magic. First they will have to confront him in his mountain castle. But they don’t know that the King has a powerful and evil companion, the Woman in White!


The Curse of the Wendigo

Stone Arch Books (2007)

Agate and Buck set out on a spine-tingling adventure through the haunted Canadian woods to track down their missing parents. An ancient curse is set in motion and soon the pair are being hunted, by a shape-shifting creature called the Wendigo.


The Donner Party

Capstone Press (2006)

Tells the story of the Donner Party’s struggle to reach California despite harsh weather and starvation. Written in graphic novel format.


Thomas Edison and the Lightbulb

Capstone Press (2006)

Tells the story of Thomas Edison’s involvement in the development of the incandescent light bulb. Written in graphic-novel format.


Helen Keller: Courageous Advocate

Capstone Press (2006)

A biography telling the life of Hellen Keller, a blind and deaf women who became an author and advocate for the blind. Written in graphic-novel format.